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Ways to Make Your Face Mask Hijab-Friendly

Make Your Face Mask Hijab-Friendly

When you’re wearing a hijab, it can be challenging to wear a face mask that fits you comfortably. You may have found yourself fixing the loop of your face mask behind your ears to be a struggle as you try to do so without revealing your hair to the rest of the world.

Plus, fixing it in a public area can be tedious if you can’t get to the nearest washroom or powder room. Here’s how you can turn your face mask into one that’s hijab-friendly.

3 Ways to Turn Your Face Mask Hijab-Friendly

Use Detachable Extenders

Attaching a detachable extender to your face mask over your hijab is by far one of the easiest ways to repurpose a typical face mask. This is because the loop length of most face masks is usually fixed on the ears.

With a detachable extender, you don’t have to remove your hijab to fix the ear loops. At the same time, you get to be fashionable as you can choose from various materials for your face mask extender, such as plastic, crochet, and velcro.

Use Tie-On Face Masks

Tie-on face masks have become a popular alternative among hijab-wearers. Compared to your typical ear-loop face masks, tie-on face masks have longer straps so that hijab-wearers can easily tie them around their head.

With tie-on face masks, you don’t need to look for ways to wear your face mask with your hijab comfortably.

Get Hijab-Friendly Surgical Masks

If you find searching for a mask extender or tie-on face mask challenging, you can get hijab-friendly surgical masks from MEDICOS. Simply get your hands on a box of HydroCharge Hijab Surgical Face Mask, and you’re all set.

Hijab-Friendly Surgical Masks

With this type of surgical face mask, you don’t need to use a mask extender, as the ultra soft over-the-head loops are long enough to go around your head and you can wear it comfortably for long hours.

Plus, it offers complete protection typical of a surgical face mask as it embeds the electrostatic charges on the sub-micron filter using hydro electret technology, which enhances its filtration efficacy.

You can also expect the following when wearing this face mask:

  • 98% filtration efficiency against virus, bacteria and airborne particles
  • Optimum fluid resistance to protect against harmful biofluids and droplets
  • High breathability with exceptional comfort
  • Hypoallergenic properties to minimise skin reaction

The HydroCharge Hijab Surgical Face Mask also comes in Coral Green, Cotton Pink, Buttermilk Yellow, and Glacier Blue. So you can mix and match with your daily outfit.

Looking for high-quality hijab-ready surgical masks? Visit MEDICOS today!

We all want to stay healthy for a long time while providing our loved ones with maximum protection against airborne diseases. MEDICOS is here to ensure everyone who uses our face masks returns home safely. Continue to stay safe with MEDICOS face masks.