WHAT IS HydroCharge™?

New frontier for mask technology

HydroCharge™ is MEDICOS’ most powerful filtration technology to date. It is a revolutionary water electret process that embeds water electret charge deep into all MEDICOS HydroCharge™ Sub Micron Filters.

The MEDICOS HydroCharge™ Technology

3 Times
more evenly saturated with water electret charge
Up to 50%
Better Breathability
Permanance assured
with deep electret embedding
Up to 3X Better Ability
in Trapping Harmful Virus & Bacterial

Why are meltblown filters charged with electrostatic?

To understand HydroCharge™, we must first understand why meltblown filters are charged in the first place.

The core of medical-grade face masks is meltblown. Electrostatic properties on the surface of meltblown filters help to trap aerosolized particles via electrostatic attraction.

The electret process creates friction and generates static electricity which enables high performance face masks to filter and trap particles as small as 0.1 microns.

To put things into perspective, our human hair diameter is approximately 70 microns. Our human eye cannot see anything that is smaller than 50 microns.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the droplet particle size that transmits the SARS-COV-2 Covid-19 virus is about 5 to 10 microns.

The challenges of the traditional method

To produce medical-grade face masks with high performance particle filtration, the traditional method is to charge the surface of the meltblown filter with electrostatic by using the ‘corona thermal electret method’.

The first major challenge of traditional corona thermal process is that the electrostatic generated is only temporary and it will degrade over time.

Secondly, the traditional process charges only the surface level of the meltblown filter and it is not evenly distributed.

That’s why common face masks cannot retain the peak filtration efficiency for an extended period of time in storage.


The water electret method

MEDICOS HydroCharge™ Sub Micron Filter goes through a revolutionary and delicate process known as the water electret method.

The meltblown fabric goes through penetrative jets of water or a stream of water droplets into the meltblown cloth at a precise angle, pressure and flow rate.

Lab tests have proven that by going through this hydro-embedding process, the meltblown cloth develops a strong, permanent filtration-enhancing electret charge.

Ensuring permanance

After going through the water electret process, MEDICOS HydroCharge™ Sub Micron Filter undergoes a drying process to eliminate any excess electricity on the surface, also known as virtual electricity.

The meltblown cloth goes through the dryer which uses hot air flow. Virtual electricity is removed during this process and the electret embedded on the meltblown filter is assured to be permanent.

Testing beyond the industry standard

Lab-test reports and actual performance can vary when real-world forces are at play. That is why HydroCharge™ is made and tested for real-world performance. It is engineered for optimum filtration efficiency and flow-rate to minimise air inhale and exhale leakages through the edges of the face mask.

MEDICOS HydroCharge™ sub micron filter

Engineered for real-world protection

Up to
70% more breathable
than traditional meltblown filters
3x more evenly saturated
with filtration-enhancing electret charge