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Creating safer personal spaces for the world.

MEDICOS is one of the very few Malaysian brands that own and manage our manufacturing facilities and have been producing surgical-grade face masks for hospitals and healthcare professionals way before the COVID-19 pandemic.



Creative Contract (M) Sdn Bhd (CCSB) created the MEDICOS brand in the manufacturing hub of Klang, Malaysia. We have been producing face masks for 30 years and we’re one of the world’s leading pioneers of making single-use medical grade face masks. Avian Flu, SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and most recently COVID-19, we were there all along.


MEDICOS exports to 6 out of the 7 continents in the world. We are coming for you, Antarctica!


As a global industrial manufacturer, we export over 90% of our products to Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia continent.

Millions & Billions

Since its launch, millions of people worldwide have used MEDICOS products. We have produced over billions of face masks to date.

Medicos Scientists

World-class standards

Having products used by world-class healthcare professionals means that we are consistently adhering to world-class standards.

See our certifications here


The gold standard for surgical face masks is the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard, comprising 3 levels of protection rating. It is the highest rating of standards for the type of surgical face mask that we produce.


EN14683 is the standard used in Europe. All surgical masks manufactured by MEDICOS meet the performance requirements of EN14683 Type II or Type IIR.

ISO 13485:2016

MEDICOS is an ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer. This means that MEDICOS has met the global quality management system requirements to provide medical devices and related services.


M99 is the MEDICOS standard. Ever striving to meet and surpass global standards, we have created The MEDICOS Filter in collaboration with NIOSH Malaysia to demonstrate a higher standard in making respirators,


01 Family First

The most important thing in this world is family and love. We affirm the fundamental desire of every individual to love and be loved. With that said, in everything that we do, whether it is in the way we design our products or the way we treat our employees or our suppliers, we always have your family and loved ones in our thoughts.

02 Extra Mile

If we want to truly make a difference in this world, we will need to put in the extra effort. Every little bit counts. Every little effort, every single day when added up, will compound into an exponential difference. We are a people that believes in mastering small changes. It is the little habits that we adopt each day that will make a lifetime of success.

03 Gratitude

Being genuinely grateful for the good that we already have is the foundation for receiving success in abundance. Gratitude is not just the greatest of virtues but the seed to which all other virtues are built upon. With a heart of gratitude, we can turn denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity, a meal into a feast, a house into a home, and a stranger into a friend. Gratitude is the door that leads to wisdom, creativity, and love.

04 Think Without Box

They say to think outside the box. We say to think without the box. There is no box except for the one that our mind puts there. So if you believe it can be done, then you are right. Until someone does it, it always seems impossible at first. Everything that is of worth in life happens twice; the first time in our minds and the second time in our reality.

05 Unlock Potential

Every individual and every product has undiscovered potential and it is the duty of leaders to unlock this potential. The business is only as good as the people behind the business. The product is only as good as the individuals who commit themselves to believe that things can always be better. Challenging the norm for things to get better is not an event. It is a lifestyle and it is a mindset.

06 The Cup is Refillable

Our cup is neither half full or half empty. Our cup is refillable and overflowing. We believe in win-win-win. The world is not a zero-sum game. The world is only limited by our own beliefs. It is full of possibilities and beauty. As an innovation leader, we believe in collaboration rather than competition.

07 Golden Rule

Treating others as they would like to be treated. Conducting ourselves as we would expect others to conduct themselves. We cannot expect from anyone what we are not willing to uphold ourselves. Neither should we lower our standards for those who do not consider them from the perspective of others. The world does not owe anything, but we owe it to the world to be the best that we can ever be.


One mission, all over the world

The MEDICOS research & development and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia serve millions of professionals around the world every day. Our team of experts leads the world in continuously designing and engineering the safest personal protective equipment on the market.

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