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K-Mask Series

(Coming Soon) MEDICOS M99 K-Mask (Black)
Series: K-Mask Series


In collaboration with NIOSH, MEDICOS M99 K-Mask is designed with the MEDICOS M99 filter configuration which gives users maximum protection and maximum comfort. Easily optimise the fit with our unique adjustable ear loops to ensure a perfect seal around the face.

Technical information

  • 5-ply Configuration
  • 3 Layers Filtration
  • Mid-Filter
  • HydroCharge
  • Lint-Free Skin Contact Layer
  • X-Large mask size; but adjustable to fit everyone
  • Penetration Test (NaCl)
  • Spunlace Outer Layer
  • M99
  • Research collaboration with NIOSH Malaysia
  • Individual Pack
Filtration Efficiency
98% efficiency against virus, bacteria & airborne particles
High Breathability
Superior performance with exceptional comfort
Fluid Resistant
Protect against harmful biofluids & droplets
Made with soft materials to minimise reaction


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