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M99 Respirators(New)

MEDICOS M99 FLIP Respirator(Black)
Series: M99 Respirators(New)

In collaboration with NIOSH, MEDICOS M99 FLIP is designed with the MEDICOS M99 filter configuration which gives users optimal protection and maximum comfort.

MEDICOS M99 FLIP Particulate Respirator meets and surpasses the global standards of N95, KN95, FFP2 and KF94. This extraordinary design is made possible only with our unique 5-layer filtration configuration.

The M99 FLIP comes in a 3D Aerodynamic Fit design that perfectly complements all face shapes and prevents mask-collapse when you’re wearing it out and about.

Breathe the undisputable difference!

Technical information

  • 3D AeroFit
  • Comfort Loops
  • 5-ply M99 Configuration
  • 3 Layers Hydrostatic Filtration
  • Mid-Filter
  • HydroCharge Technology
  • Lint-Free Skin Contact Layer
  • 99% Penetration Test (NaCl)
  • Spunlace Outer Layer
  • Research collaboration with NIOSH Malaysia
  • Individual Pack


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