A New Respirator - The MEDICOS Way

Best In Class Respirator Filter

Known as ‘The MEDICOS Filter’ – the MEDICOS M99 filter configuration is designed to give users optimal breathability and comfort while providing the respirator-level protection that we require in this pandemic season. Unlike conventional respirator filters which users may find hard to breathe freely in, the M99 system allows for greater airflow that’s made possible with the MEDICOS HydroCharge Sub Micron Filters that offer cutting-edge breathability and industry-leading protection.

The MEDICOS Filter

M99 Filter Technology

Filtration Efficiency Against Bacteria & Viruses
Effective Filter Configuration
Hydrostatic Filtration Zone
Industry Leading
Respirator breathability
Meet the M99 Family

3 Unique Designs for Daily All-Conditions Wear


As the name suggests, the M99 PRO is designed for pro-level protection and a personalised fit. The adjustable earloops and customisable grooves ensure that the mask perfectly conforms to each unique face shape. It is a respirator that is truly befitting for a pro, like yourself.


M99 NEO is made for the minimalists who choose optimal function in its simplest form. Make no mistake – the M99 NEO is just as protective and breathable as the PRO, with an understated elegance that’s simply beautiful. The M99 NEO pairs effortlessly with your personal style and fashion while providing all-day wearability with its ultra-soft comfort earloops.


Designed for the urban-adventurers, the M99 FLIP is always ready-to-go and up for any challenge that life may bring. The unmistakable MEDICOS patented 3D Aerofit design delivers precision and structure that accentuates around the sharp contours of the facial lines. Say goodbye to mask-collapse problems and say hello to the indisputable leader of breathable respirators.



Made for Pros
Adjustable Earloops
Personalised fit
Available in
All-new PRO colours


All-Day Wearability
Ultra-soft Comfort Loops
Pair it Up
With All-NEO Colours


FLIP it Up
3D Aerofit Design
Go Adventuring
Versatile FLIP colours