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“Unbroken”: Meaning Behind the Pink Ribbon Mask – Dr. Caryn Koh

The beautiful and thought-provoking artwork on this year’s Pink Ribbon Sub Micron Surgical Face Mask is made by an outstanding Malaysian artist, Dr. Caryn Koh. Here’s an insight into what goes into a piece of artwork that is worn by thousands of Malaysians throughout Pink October.

In conjunction with the global Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2021, this year’s MEDICOS Pink Ribbon Sub Micron Surgical Face Mask release is a sight to behold, with intricate and meaningful artwork laced across the box and the face mask itself.

Behind the artwork is Caryn Koh, a medical graduate based in Bristol, United Kingdom, who has since discovered her voice and passion for art.

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Caryn’s relationship with art began long before beginning her medical degree. As a child, Caryn turned to paint, sketching and drawing as her way of expressing her inner thoughts and emotions. This is reflected in many of her artworks, which are often inspired by her adolescent years.

Now a successful artist with numerous awards, exhibitions and most famously, murals around the world in places such as Penang, United Kingdom, Spain, Philippines as well as Jogjakarta, Caryn remains humble and stays close to her roots in her expression of art.

Can you spot all the elements?

The most interesting feature of Caryn’s artwork, titled “Unbroken”, is all the little elements that make up the whole piece of ribbon. If you take a closer look at the mask itself, you will spot familiar shapes such as the pink ribbon, dove, butterfly, heart, flower, and a pair of helping hands.

Though beautiful to look at, they each carry a deeper meaning which ties perfectly into this year’s MEDICOS Pink October theme – Hope is Just Around the Corner.

We truly encourage everyone to get a box of MEDICOS Pink Ribbon masks to see it firsthand and find out what each of the elements represents.

Otherwise, stay tuned to watch our Pink Ribbon Documentary series on our official Youtube channel, which premieres on 8th October 2021, with new releases every Friday throughout the month of October – to see how all these different elements come together through real-life stories.

This year’s Pink Ribbon box is meant to be shared around with your friends, family members, and loved ones – to let them know that they are never alone in this journey called life, no matter the challenge, no matter the situation we’re in, there is hope, and it is just around the corner.

Throughout one’s journey with breast cancer, there are challenges and trying times that lay ahead, but these different elements of support (represented on the mask) will come together to overcome such obstacles.

– Caryn Koh