5 Basic Hygiene Practices to Minimise Your Child’s Sick Days

5 Basic Hygiene Practices to Minimise Your Child’s Sick Days

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It’s always good to encourage children to practise essential personal hygiene habits. Not only is it a good practice to bring even into adulthood, but it also helps to minimise their sick days from school.

From putting on their face mask to learning how to dispose of their used face mask, there are many ways children can learn to practise good hygiene to keep them healthy. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that children are capable of learning and willing to practise.

At the same time, your child is learning what is good for their health and how to minimise disease transmission among their peers and surroundings. To give you a helping hand, we compiled five of the best hygiene practices to protect and minimise your child’s sick days.

Importance of Basic Hygiene Practices

Teaching your child basic hygiene practices is essential for maintaining good health and preventing the spread of diseases, especially in times like these when COVID-19 continues to be a threat with emerging strains of concern. Here are two reasons why it is essential to practise good hygiene.

Prevents the Spread of Germs

Infectious diseases can spread through physical contact between people, airborne droplets from coughing and sneezing, or contact with surfaces and objects. By practising good hygiene, it can help minimise the spread of germs and reduce your child’s risk of getting sick.

Teaches Good Habits

Basic hygiene practices are important habits to develop early in life. By teaching your child good hygiene practices, you can help instil healthy habits that will serve them well throughout. They can also set a good example for others and reduce their sick days.

5 Ways to Protect Your Child and Minimise Sick Days

While preventing your child from getting sick is impossible, they can still learn to practise good hygiene to promote their overall health and well-being in school. Here are five ways to protect your child and minimise their sick days.

1. Encourage Your Child to Wear a Kids Face Mask in School

Encouraging your child to wear a kid’s face mask in school is a great way to minimise the spread of germs and protect them from getting sick. Make sure your child is wearing a kid’s face mask when they are around other people, especially in crowded indoor spaces or when physical distancing is not possible.

2. Provide Your Child with Well-Fitted Kids Face Mask

Face masks come in various sizes and styles. To ensure the face mask serves its purpose, you should prepare a kids’ face mask that is suitable for your child. It should fit snugly over their nose, mouth and chin and be worn comfortably for an extended period.

3. Pack Alcohol Wipes and Sanitiser Spray in Your Child’s School Bag

Practising good hand hygiene is crucial for minimising sick days. You should encourage your child to wash their hands frequently, especially before and after eating, using the bathroom and touching high-touch surfaces, such as the school’s desk. You may also want to pack alcohol wipes and sanitiser spray in your child’s school bag when soap and water are unavailable.

4. Keep Your Child Home When They’re Sick

If your child does get sick, it is crucial that you keep them home from school or daycare to minimise the risk of spreading the illness to other children. Ensure your child understands the importance of staying home when they’re sick and have a plan for how they will keep up with schoolwork or other responsibilities.

5. Teach Your Child Basic Hygiene Practices

It’s important to teach your child basic hygiene practices, like wearing a face mask, to minimise the spread of germs at home. You can also teach them how to dispose of a used face mask without leaving it around the house.

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