Brand New Look for M99 PRO - MEDICOS

Brand New Look for M99 PRO

The New M99 Facelift

Introducing MEDICOS M99 with a fresh new look for our Respirator Series.

Brand new packaging look, same great M99 protection.

Designed & Tested in Collaboration with the Experts, NIOSH Malaysia

In collaboration with NIOSH, MEDICOS M99 PRO is designed with the MEDICOS M99 filter configuration which gives users maximum protection and maximum comfort.

A Colour For Everyone and Every Occasion

M99 PRO comes in 5 exciting colours:


•Midnight Blue


•Dusty Rose

•Cool Grey

Coming Soon

Stay tuned to preview M99 FLIP, a design like no other.

Watch our teaser below:

Staying true to the cause

MEDICOS’ mission is the same since the beginning – to raise the global standards of infection control, and to ensure that everyone who uses our face masks return home safely to their families.

We hope that our new designs, innovations and colorways will help inspire the world to join in. Now, more than ever, we are proud and excited to be the trusted voice in the face mask industry that the world needs to make sure that humankind remains safely connected even in the midst of a global pandemic.

As MEDICOS grows with new products and innovations, we will never forget our true mission to protect and serve even the most vulnerable people among us.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, since 1991.

Continue to stay #SafeWithMEDICOS